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2016-02-09 - Maintenance release 4.1.5

Varnish Cache 4.1.5 has been released and is ready for download. This is a maintenance release with bug fixes.

Pål Hermunn Johansen, Varnish Software Group

2017-01-05 - Source Code Coverage

I usually brag that we have 90%+ automatic test coverage in Varnish, and that comes with a couple of footnotes.

The main one is that we don’t automatically test the curses(3) based tools (varnish{hist|top|stat|...}) - only because I havn’t found a way to do so.

For 2017 I’ve raised the bar: from now our goal is 90%+ on all our source code.

At the same time, I have retooled our code coverage test scripts so the GCOV results can be seen online .

Presently at 81.8%, but we’ll get there...


2016-12-21 - Project server upgraded

Now running FreeBSD 11-RELEASE /phk

2016-12-02 - Maintenance release of 4.1.4, 4.0 is End Of Life

Varnish Cache 4.1.4 has been released and is ready for download. This is a maintenance release with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

In other news, Varnish Cache 4.0 has reached End Of Life, and with this we have released Varnish Cache 4.0.4. This contains all the last fixes from git, and there will be no 4.0.5. Please upgrade to 4.1 or 5.0 as soon as you can.

Pål Hermunn Johansen, Varnish Software Group

2016-11-21 - New Tool in Town

I finally sat down and wrote a Varnish specific “Continuous Integration” tool, and people are busy starting it on the various machines we use for testing in the project.

You can see the result(s) here.

If you want to run a “sandbox” for us, you just need to run a small simple shell-script - there is no need for a Java Runtime or anything else.


2016-09-27 - Send us (more) money!

If we want to keep up the same activity level as the last couple of years, we need €2000/month to buy more of Poul-Hennings time.

So if Varnish improves your company’s profit, please invest in a one-time or recurring Varnish Moral License to help fund the projects future.

Thanks in advance!

And a big thanks to the companies already sponsoring Varnish:

  • Fastly
  • Varnish-Software
  • [your companys name could have been here...]

2016-09-15 - Varnish 5.0

Varnish Cache 5.0.0 has been released! /Lasse /phk


(And yes, we’re dog-food running it on the site)


You can access the varnish-cache homepages with HTTP or HTTPS as you like.

We save the logfiles from our Varnish instance for a limited period, in order to be able to debug problems.

The old homepage ran Google Analytics, and we have continued that here for now, but unless we actually learn something useful from the data they collect, it will be discontinued.